The great lock-in.

There exists a system of great lock-in today. It’s not so easy to spot, but once able to spot it, it’s impossible not to see it any more; It becomes a surrounding of immense cataclysmic effect. Like a malignant tumor surrounding living healthy cells, making them turn into tumor as well.

People stuck in this cataclysm will whine like there is no day tomorrow. Begging and pleading for the sealers and protectors of the cataclysm to not be so harsh on them in what they are doing. They will circle around talking with other lock-ins about how they are “forced” to partake in the interlocking events for one reason or another. Quotes like “There’s no choice”, “it’s the rule” and “just following command” is a few typical mantras the lock-ins are sprouting forwards. Every day it’s the same whiny lock-talk.

Been there, done that. Done.

The most ironic part about this lock-in is that when someone explains it and are even willing to show the key with its attached key-chain to this lock, the lock-ins reject it in full tantrum while going into panic and even try to discredit the revealer of the key defending the lock by all means necessary. Here they go on about the importance of locking mechanisms and how it can help keep all together for the benefit of the tumor as a whole, while they continue to feed the tumor more and more healthy cells with their lies about singular locking importance when they really only care about inserting into and growing the collective deception.

They will create a drama surrounding the revealer of the key as to take all the focus away from the opening of the lock; in supreme fear of what will happen if unlocked and its supposed “sacred” seal is broken. Some might even say they want the lockers to sacrifice them. A madness seemingly with no end.

Been there, partly done that, Done.

The key itself is simple yet complex and that’s both the ugly and beautiful thing about it, depending of course on what side of the lock-in one are, compared to where one want to be.

The key is only to find the key itself and the lock will open automatically, but only if really wanting for it to open. It’s also possible to try brute-force open this lock, but it will be a dead-end and a giveaway when realizing; Hammering the supposed lock with the supposed lock itself isn’t the key.

For the true key is….